25 Jan 2018
Exploring `NetworkingViewState`, Part 2
05 Nov 2017
Exploring `NetworkingViewState` from KotlinConf 2017
12 Nov 2015
Configuring Android Data Binding Just Got Easier
03 Nov 2015
Android Data Binding Tips (Tip 1: Create a Visibility Binding Adapter)
30 Oct 2015
Android MVP-B (Model-View-Presenter-Binder)
24 Oct 2015
Android Data Binding Course on Pluralsight
04 Jan 2015
Building Web Applications with NancyFX on Pluralsight
08 Dec 2013
OWIN Resources
04 Jul 2012
Introduction to NancyFX on Pluralsight
02 Mar 2012
A NancyFx Content-Negotiation Extension
15 Jul 2011
New Open Source Project: OptionStrict.oEmbed
20 Mar 2011
Mimicking the AppHarbor Deployment Experience
26 Feb 2011
Boise Code Camp 2011: Introduction to Git
10 Jul 2010
Defining Development Experience
28 Mar 2010
Boise Code Camp 2010: Distributed Event-Driven Architecture Session Notes
03 Mar 2010
Is MSpec an Internal DSL?...And is that okay?
01 Mar 2010
An Evolution of Test-Specification Styles -- My Journey to MSpec
30 Nov 2009
Wrapping up the StructureMap Automocking Container
01 Nov 2009
State Pattern, Enumeration Class and Fluent NHibernate (Oh my!)
06 Oct 2009
AutoMapper Introduction and Samples from NETDUG
09 Aug 2009
Implementing Team City for .NET Projects, Part 5: Deployments
24 May 2009
Implementing TeamCity for .NET Projects, Part 4: Using Build Scripts
24 May 2009
Are you ready for Portland Code Camp?
23 Apr 2009
TeamCity 4.5 is live!
19 Apr 2009
Implementing TeamCity for .NET Projects, Part 3: Running Tests, Nightly Builds, and Creating Artifacts
15 Apr 2009
Implementing TeamCity for .NET Projects, Part 2: Triggering Builds
05 Apr 2009
Implementing TeamCity for .NET projects, Part 1: Just Build It! (A Simple Build Configuration)
31 Mar 2009
Implementing TeamCity for .NET Projects: Evolving Your Build Automation Solution

Speaking Events

Mar 2017
(Un)conventional Android: Presentation Patterns Boise Code Camp
Mar 2017
(Un)conventional Android: Dependency Injection Boise Code Camp
Jun 2016
RxAndroid Boise .NET Developers Group
Mar 2016
RxAndroid Boise Code Camp
Mar 2016
(Un)conventional Android v3 Boise Code Camp
Mar 2015
(Un)conventional Android v2 Boise Code Camp
Apr 2014
(Un)conventional Android Boise Code Camp
Feb 2013
A Brief History of the Internet Pluralsight Author Summit
Jun 2012
Building an HTTP API using NancyFX Portland Code Camp
May 2012
Introduction to NancyFX Boise .NET Developers Group
Mar 2012
HTTP Boise Code Camp
Jul 2011
Introduction to Fluent NHibernate Boise .NET Developers Group
Jun 2011
Introduction to Fluent NHibernate Portland Code Camp
Mar 2011
Hosting on AppHarbor Boise .NET Developers Group
Feb 2011
Introduction to Git Boise Code Camp
Jan 2011
NuGet Boise .NET Developers Group
Jun 2010
Intro to NServiceBus Portland Code Camp
Intro to NServiceBus Boise Code Camp
Apr 2010
Intro to NServiceBus Boise .NET Developers Group
Fall 2009
Introduction to TeamCity Boise .NET Developers Group
May 2009
Introduction to TeamCity Portland Code Camp
Mar 2009
Introduction to TeamCity Boise Code Camp
Sep 2009
Automapper Boise .NET Developers Group